Reusable Lifeboats and Other Vessel Components: Fornæs Leading Sustainable Ship Dismantling


Lifeboats and other small boats on board a ship serve as crucial safety equipment, designed to ensure the well-being of crew members and passengers in case of emergencies at sea. However, when ships reach the end of their operational life, these boats and related components can still find a second life through responsible recycling and repurposing. Companies like Fornæs have taken the initiative in sustainable ship dismantling, specializing in the recycling of vessels and their components, including lifeboats and small boats.

Lifeboats and other vessel components can be recycled. Here are some key components that can be reused:


List of products
Reference ID Inscription Type Motor Remarks Pers. Length Width Description
RB168 RB168 Mob lifeboat 0 Alu. 460F 6 473 186
RB165 RB165 Inflatable boat 0 Zodiac, Model MK3 GR NEO 5 470 200
RB164 RB164 OYZM2 FRC Volvo Penta D3-190 190 HP @ 4100 RPM Tier 2. Year CHECK CHECKhours. Seabear 23 MK 2 10 670 251
RB163 RB163 M.O.B.L Engine is damaged and has been full of water. Year 1986 15 610 220 Harding AS, Semi open MOB / Work boat 6,1 meters long and 2,2 meters wide. Max draft: 1,11 meter. Boat is build in G.R.P and has a very robust hull.
RB162 RB162 OWIA2 1 x Yamaha 55 hp, 2 stroke Type:NPT 60RA Version: Rescue. Year 2006 5 600 230
RB161 RB161 Stena Premiun RB - 43 0 Year 2011 6 470 180
RB159 RB159 FRW FRC No engines Alusafe 770 twin FRB 10 815 272
RB158 RB158 E532 Dunlop 0 6 460 200
RB156 RB156 OYCJ2 Mob boat type alu 460F 0 Year 2002 6 460 186
RB155 RB155 No. 10 Mob boat type 460F 0 Year 2003 6 460 186
RB153 RB153 Seabear 23 FRC Volvo Penta D3-190 190 HP @ 4100 RPM Tier 2. Year CHECK CHECKhours. Seabear 23 MK 2 10 700 270
RB152 RB152 Inflatable boat 0 Avon S400 6 390 175
RB148 RB148 FRC with jet drive Volvo Penta D3-190 190 HP @ 4100 RPM Tier 2. Year 2008 638 hours. Norsafe 7.5M. Boat no. 15097. Year 2002 Cert No SBG APPR.NO. 405.005 15 750 290
RB112 RB112 North Star Rescue 79 FRC 0 Avon SR6 15 605 234
RB94 RB94 82. North Star Rescue FRC Avon SR6 15 605 234
RB91 RB91 137. Vos Ocean FRC Avon 15 605 234
RB43 RB43 Rescue 0210687 FRC 0 Year 1987. Utæt ventil. 605 234
RB22 RB22 Small boat 0 Nr 341 445 167


Lifeboats are integral to ship safety and are meticulously designed for buoyancy and emergency evacuation. When ships are retired, lifeboats are often still in good condition. Fornæs carefully removes and inspects these lifeboats, ensuring they meet safety standards. Once refurbished and reconditioned, these lifeboats can be made available for use on other vessels or for other marine purposes, extending their operational life and saving resources.

Rescue and Tender Boats

Ships may also have rescue and tender boats for various purposes, including transferring passengers and crew to and from shore. These boats can be dismantled and their components, such as engines, hulls, and navigational equipment, can be repurposed or refurbished for use on other vessels, reducing the need for new boat manufacturing.

Boat Components

Beyond complete boats, many individual components within lifeboats and smaller boats can be recycled. This includes engines, propulsion systems, electrical components, life-saving equipment, and even boat hulls. Fornæs ensures that these components are properly cleaned, inspected, and refurbished for reuse, minimizing waste and resource consumption.

Fornæs is dedicated to sustainable ship dismantling practices, emphasizing responsible recycling and repurposing of all salvageable vessel components. Their expertise in ship recycling ensures that lifeboats and other boat-related components are processed in an environmentally friendly manner.

By choosing recyclable lifeboats and boat components and partnering with Fornæs in the ship dismantling process, the maritime industry can contribute to a more sustainable future. This approach not only reduces waste but also conserves resources, promotes safety, and aligns with the principles of a circular economy within the maritime sector.