Reusable Electronic Components: Fornæs Leading Sustainable Ship Recycling


Electronic components are the digital brains behind modern ships, powering navigation systems, communication equipment, automation controls, and more. As the maritime industry increasingly embraces sustainability and eco-conscious practices, there is a growing recognition of the value in recycling these electronic components when ships reach the end of their operational life. Companies like Fornæs have emerged as leaders in sustainable ship dismantling, specializing in the recycling of vessels and their electronic components.

Below you can see what electronic components we offer at the moment:

Navigation Systems

Modern ships rely heavily on advanced navigation systems, including GPS, radar, and sonar. When ships are retired, these systems' electronic components, such as sensors, displays, and communication modules, can often be salvaged, refurbished, and repurposed for use in other vessels or industries.

Communication Equipment

Communication is vital at sea, and ships are equipped with various communication devices, such as radios, satellite communication systems, and intercoms. Recycling these electronic components involves inspecting and refurbishing the equipment, ensuring it meets safety and operational standards for reuse.

Control and Automation Systems

Ships use electronic control systems for engine management, cargo handling, and safety procedures. Recycling these systems can include reconditioning control panels, replacing outdated components, and integrating them into other ships or industrial applications.

Electrical Components

Beyond specialized systems, ships have a multitude of general electronic components, including circuit boards, wiring, and connectors. Fornæs carefully removes and sorts these components, sending them for recycling or refurbishing, reducing electronic waste and conserving valuable materials.

Fornæs is committed to sustainable ship dismantling practices, with a strong emphasis on responsible recycling and repurposing of electronic components. Their expertise ensures that these components are handled with care, properly cleaned, and inspected for quality and safety.

By choosing recyclable electronic components and partnering with Fornæs in the ship dismantling process, the maritime industry not only contributes to a greener future but also benefits from cost-effective solutions. This approach reduces electronic waste, conserves resources, and promotes the principles of a circular economy within the maritime sector.