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We are Fornæs

Our story begins in 1992 on the tip of Djursland. Here, our founder, Kresten, recognized a unique opportunity at Grenaa harbor. Rather than outsourcing, he decided it made more sense to dismantle his own ships. This hands-on approach not only streamlined the process but also allowed him to salvage and sell the equipment directly, setting the foundation for what Fornæs would become.

This venture proved to be a success. Over the years, we have dismantled more than 2000 ships and sold an even greater number of parts. Today, our operations are still rooted in the vibrant maritime activity of Grenaa harbor. Fornæs now has a dedicated team of 20 employees, led by a dynamic new director. Together, we continue to thrive by  the purchase, dismantling, and selling of ships and 2 hand parts.

Fornæs remains a vital part of the local community and the maritime industry, committed to maintaining the legacy of innovation and quality that Kresten started more then three decades ago.


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Welcome to Fornæs

Join us on a journey to discover the essence of Fornæs, a company that embodies innovation, excellence, and a commitment to delivering top-notch solutions. In this video, we delve deep into our DNA, exploring the core values, principles, and driving forces that define our identity. Get ready to explore our wide-ranging competencies that enable us to excel in our field.

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We primarily consider ourselves a maritime thrift store. Our store is just a bit larger than what you typically associate with a thrift store. We have more than 100,000 square meters here, housing countless maritime parts, both large and small.

Over time, we have worked with ships of all sizes and gained significant expertise in ship dismantling and maritime equipment. We don't like to tread water. That's why we are constantly moving forward, but at a pace that allows us to make the best decisions rather than the easiest ones. It's probably also the reason why we are listed among the EU-approved companies for ship dismantling and have obtained an GMC environmental certificate from Norddjurs Municipality.

It's something we are proud of.

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