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The Company Fornaes Aps

.. was founded in 1993 and has, since then, scrapped well over 2000 ships and vessels – we lost count somewhere during the years. Major part of them has been fishing vessels of various sizes, but there were also freighters, supply vessels, ferries and a military vessel among them. Most of our vessels comes from Scandinavia and UK.


Shipbreaking and environment..

..are not 2 incompatible concepts.
Fornaes holds all necessary environmental approvals for scrapping ships and handling of toxic waste from them. All metals are recycled, and waste is destroyed or deposited according to environmental legislation.

Our stock..

..counts today more than 80.000 m² of outdoor stockyard and aprx. 15.000 m² in warehouses. If you plan to pay us a visit, and take a look at the goods, which you are very welcome to do, please have in mind, that it takes quite some time to get around everything.

We purchase..

..ships and vessels for demolition constantly, so if you want to have a vessel (or more) scrapped, please feel free to contact us. You will find all contact details under “Contact”.

When we make an offer for a ship, we do not only pay by the tonnes. Type, age and number of machinery and equipment onboard is taken into consideration as well. Occasionally we also buy used equipment, so you are welcome to contact us, if you have something you would like to sell.


We sell..

..just about any kind of equipment you can place onboard a vessel, and we keep lists of many things, but it is impossible to list everything. You find our updated lists under “Marine Equipment” – If you are looking for something not listed here, send us an email, fax or call us. We might have it anyway.

The internet..

..has become an important tool for finding information about companies. It is quite a lot easier to find the things you need – even in foreign countries. This, of course, applies to Fornaes as well. Our export has over the years incresed to amount about 3/4 of our trade.

Many new foreign customers have found us on the internet. This commits us to make these pages as informative, usefull and simple to use, as possible. 
Should your experience it otherwise, do you miss information or is there anything else, you would like to tell us? – Just drop us an e-mail, we are always open to good ideas and constructive criticism.