Propulsion / Fremdrift

Most ships have been built with marine diesel engines as their prime mover. The marine diesel engine can be coupled to the propeller with via a reduction gearbox. On these pages we have lists of Marine diesel propulsion engines as well as reduction gearboxes and thrusters. We have Northern Europe’s largest stock of used marine diesel engines and used reduction gearboxes. At the moment we have around 370 marine diesel engines, 220 reduction gearboxes and 80 thrusters. All shown marine propulsion engines, reduction gearboxes and thrusters on our pages are in stock at Fornæs in Grenaa.

Manufacture of marine diesel engines can for example be Caterpillar, Cummins or Detroit. But also Danish manufactures as Alpha, Bukh, Grenaa and Callesen are represented in our stock list. Deutz, MWM, Volvo, Scania, Wartsilä, MaK and Wichmann are very popular as marine propulsion diesel engines. Very popular reduction gearboxes are Twin Disc, Volda Liaaen, Pay & Brinck, Lohmann & Stolterfoht and Reintjes. But among others we also have a lot of Finnøy, Fernholt & Giertsen, Guascor, Ulstein, Masson and Mekanord gearboxes in stock. Please take a look at our lists of marine engines, gearboxes and thrusters. We shall be glad to send more pictures, all known details and prices.